NRA Basic Pistol Course Curriculum

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For those seeking to obtain skills in marksmanship as well as personal defense, Total Precision Shooting offers Personal training to augment the basic skills of a pistol shooter. At an hourly training rate with a certified instructor.

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LESSON ONE (2 hrs.) - Classroom

  • •Course Goal
  • •Pistol Parts & Function
  • •NRA Rules for Safe Gun HandlingAmmunition
  • •Demonstration of Safe Pistol Handlinghooting Fundamentals

LESSON TWO (1 hrs.) - Classroom

  • •Cartridge Components
  • •Firing Sequence
  • •Ammunition Storage
  • •Major Types of Cartridge Malfunction
  • •Fundamentals of Pistol Storage

LESSON THREE (2 hrs.) - Range

  • •Demonstration of Safe Shooting Technique
  • •Shoot target from Bench/Rest position
  • •Identify Pistol Cleaning Materials
  • •Clean Pistol Safely

LESSON FOUR (2 hrs.) - Classroom/Range

  • •Demonstrate Safe Shooting Technique in Standing Position
  • •Properly Score Pistol Target
  • •Explain Basic Guidelines for Purchasing a Pistol

LESSON FIVE (1 hrs.) - Classroom

  • •Identify Several Pistol Shooting Activities
  • •Complete Course Examination

One 8-Hour day Divide between Classroom & Range Time

Snacks,drinks, and a light lunch will be provided.




5300 North Braeswood
Building 4 Suite 394
Houston Tx 77096